Monday, February 8, 2010

The Three Blind Mice at Acapulco

The 1st Blind Mouse:
I smell skin-divers and playful sharks.
The 2nd Blind Mouse: Expensive garbage and after-shave lotion.
The 3rd Blind Mouse: Gringos and the sweat of bulbous dancers.
1st Blind Mouse: O nacreous moon!
2nd Blind Mouse: O transilient yacht!
3rd Blind Mouse: O rum-riddled surf!
1st Blind Mouse: O patulous belly-bumpers!
2nd Blind Mouse: O cliff-hanging bay of bays!
3rd Blind Mouse: O crapulent mangrove swamp!
All Together: Touch us where it hurts us most,
See us, O, see us.

-- RIP Poetry contributor Philip Murray

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