Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jllegible phrases [sic]

What poet wrote (or did not write) these lines?*

When spoken to unsympathetically attack ally as by a hostile lawyers

go to wrack and mine

dig your rave in if your dead

hide [linigue] for harriners

The mining of them that nod and not

Columbus brooch alone awhile

History that coming

In colleness or in the quest of fruit

all he is parinian

use of lipstitch and howdy

brought up dull

if I become your Bently


Serving two or three bats

Fan pitcher

The picktie exhibition


Colundres! Christophes! No less!

What no one left alive but you

He boards again

Till someone comes up over [side]

The meekly [vaunt] single file

Columbus brooch alone awhile

*Hint: Not a Flarfist or conceptual writer. Answer: CLICK HERE

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