Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My first poetry crush

Like many before me, I fell in love with this formidable woman and her work at an early age... and was never the same again. Read my tribute to her here.

Who was your first poetry crush??

Photo credit: Portrait Photographs (Lang, Violet Ranney), Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard University


mgushuedc said...

Didn't seem to be able to open it up.

First poetry crush: Garcia Lorca. And this girl at my high school who was a junior when I was a senior.

Don Share said...

Er... Open what up?!

the unreliable narrator said...

"It"! You know, "it"! ;o)

First poet crush = Browning. My freshman community college comp/lit instructor surveyed the lot of us in honors English and said, none of you will ever get a doctorate. And none of you will ever read The Ring & the Book.

Well I proved him...right. I started reading it that day, at 17...not sure I've ever finished the thing. Some judicious skipping. I was pretty crazy for a Richard Burton recording of "Andrea del Sarto," though.

Evie said...

Hughes, how could it be anyone but Hughes?!

Rebecca said...

I was and am a promiscuous crusher -- I started with the usual loves of a teenaged girl -- Plath, ridiculous amounts of Sexton -- then moved on to whatever I could find at the used book shop -- Hudgins, Larkin, Homer, Galway Kinnell -- then in college developed all new crushes on Louise Gluck, Jorie Graham, Shakespeare, John Berryman. I've never been particularly faithful, I'm afraid.