Thursday, March 11, 2010

RIP Omar Shakespear Pound

RIP Omar S. Pound, whose anthology of Arabic & Persian poems is a gem - introduced by Basil Bunting, who wrote: "Omar Pound, selecting just the lines which match his own urbane, ironic manner, flashes a momentary light on many poets, tracing another hue in the web."

Click here or on the photo of him for a full obituary.


Mark Scroggins said...

This is sad news.

Trivia: The Zs got in touch with OSP when LZ was teaching at Colgate & OSP was at Hamilton, & remained friendly for some years. OSP once gave Paul Z a black rabbit, "Sinbaba," as a birthday present (cf. Forde 55).

The Charlie Finch piece is obdurately weird.

Don Share said...

It is sad. Thanks, Mark, for that great tale (tail!)...

Weird obit, indeed - though I'd also have thought the NYT would have had more to say about OSP, if only another sentence or two.