Monday, March 1, 2010


I've long noticed that a great many folks who are interested in poetry don't like to read much; I've blogged about it before. But I would hate to lose even a single reader from my miniscule audience. So - for anybody who found my previous posts on savage wit in Marvell and beyond to be "TLDR," herewith a smaller-scale read.

"I dont mind the enormous if isn't carried to the point of enormity." -- Ezra Pound to WCW, June 10, 1919


Henry Gould said...


(glad to read both)

Jordan said...

Don! TLDR no apply here!

Don Share said...

Thank you, guys. I really appreciate it!

Steven Fama said...

Catching up, a few days late:

If you think you have a problem with challenger TLDR folks, click over to the glade and see what I (sometimes) put out!

To offer unsolicited advice, be sensitive to paragraph length, even go for the journalistic one-sentence 'graphs sometimes (especially since you use the narrowest possible Blogger column width setting), but otherwise:

Go, Don, Go!

Don Share said...

I love your blog, Steven - one of the best there is - & appreciate your encouragement!!

Yrs., Don