Thursday, April 8, 2010

You cannot win if you do not play.

Via Daniel Nester


Steven Fama said...

This is pretty dang good, from what I imagine the convention / confab is like (never been).

I am ignorant: how many people entirely pay their way to AWP (airfare, lodging, badge-fee)? Is it mostly taxpayer $$ that gets folks there (people reimbursed by their employer, the school)? Just curious.

In any event, I bet there are some great poetry chapbooks debuting or available at the AWP bookfair. I'd just about die to be there just for that.

Don Share said...

Dunno, Steven. Good questions. I'm not there, myself...

We put on what we call a Printers Ball every year in Chicago - chapbooks and little mags galore. All free to everybody, 'cos we foot the bill.

Click for info.