Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The husband is an arcade

Bolaño says it is more important to read than to write. It is important to stop writing and read Madame Bovary and Trois Contes. It's less important to take our a comma and replace it than to cut blocks without air for pyramids.

In reading Emma, as in Don Quixote, don't become superior to heroine and hero.

Trilling was right to say an unflawed hero means a fairy tale--and that is the glory of Sentimental Education and Salammbô, the Goncourt brothers are flawless and for the court; Emma takes her poison as the very flawed victim of her self.

Don Quixote didn't read enough. Dulcinea NEVER appears on stage, except in a dunning dream. Dulcinea is irresistible poison like a book. The husband is an arcade.

-- David Shapiro


Robert Creeley, on being sentimental:

In the world of the Zohar, dolls were not permitted. The Child plays with the letters of an alphabet and Logos is the creator of the world. Man is to take his reality from, to express his unity in, the letter. But this letter is, like the doll, alive to the mind.

-- Robert Duncan
from “The H.D. Book,” soon to be published in its entirety as volume one in The Collected Writings of Robert Duncan, University of California Press; excerpt here

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