Monday, July 12, 2010

On CFBs (Comment Field Bullies)

Comment Field Bullies --

you mean the most powerful poets in this country of course? Tell them
there are billions of galaxies and that implies
at least one other style per galaxy, one other kind of music per star, oh
stars with hair! New ways to dance. Black Hole Bullies. Take them
to an planetarium and release them in the dark. And a hundred
billion make cartoons and comics and prefer Gary to Dante. Agreed!
Reading blogs feels like being given to a mad psychoanalyst;
writing blogs is definitely like being a successful theologian.
Eliot of dogmas would find our wars completely legible and significant.
And would have us live work suffer and die in his dogmas. Oh!

-- David Shapiro


Anonymous said...

Bullies tend to be cowards, or else not smart or willful enough to figure out a more graceful way to accomplish their designs.

Steven Fama said...

Dear ebourland,

You offer the conventional view of bullies, but my experience is quite different. I believe bullying is the American way. Cf. football, the popularity of it. Cg. the primary response to terrorism (go take over someplace and kill people). And there are many, many examples from the number one competitive endeavor in our society: business. And it ain't just males, from business and politics there are many, many examples of female bullies.