Saturday, October 30, 2010

On overspending cultural capital

Lorin Stein:

"There is a tendency for the big institutions to try to evangelize and give big prizes to under-known writers or to use prizes to bring writers into the public view. And I think that’s often a mistake because they may be overspending their cultural capital."

Pictured: The remnants of a big institution


Anonymous said...

Guess it's all noblesse and no oblige these days.

Steven Fama said...

I read the Stein interview you linked to here, because I wasn't certain I understand what you quoted. But sure enough, Stein suggests that the awards and other markers of recognition should be used only to cement reputations already made.

Not only do I find that idea unpersuasive, I think it's really, really weird.

Jordan said...

This person certainly does get a lot of attention, doesn't he. (I'm assuming it's a he. Never met the person.)