Thursday, November 4, 2010

Give us a perm...

Sean O'Brien has a swell commentary in the TLS of 20 October 2010 about the North of England. He takes note of some fascinating archival films that preserve glimpses and traces of a disappearing regionalism - one dear to me because of my love for such Northrons as Basil Bunting and Tom Pickard. (Though Pickard's film is called We Make Ships, not We Build Ships; not many people know, by the way, that Pickard is, among many other things, a filmmaker.

Among the films O'Brien mentions are Ken Russell's 1960 documentary The Bedlington Miners' Picnic; here's an amusing poetry-related snippet:

"... the film [...] gives a rare chance to hear the Ashington accent, with its startlingly posh-sounding vowels. (Example: a woman goes to the hair-dresser and asks for a perm; the hairdresser replies, "I wandered lonely as a cloud.")."

Gotta love that!  Wordsworth was, of course, a Northron himself.

Pictured: Austin & Pickersgill Limited, from The Sunderland Site

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