Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Magazine History: Names You Can Trust

In 2012, Poetry magazine will celebrate one hundred years of continuous publication. There are older magazines, to be sure, but I've been looking around to see which are turning the big 100 - and one is... Boy's Life!

Thanks to Steven Lomazow's amazing blog, Magazine History, I learned not only of BL's birthday, but the fascinating fact that one of its founders, Daniel Carter Beard, was also apparently behind another very different magazine, Anti-Trust: Champion of the People. Their motto: "Fearless of Any. Honest with All."

There still is an Antitrust Magazine, published by the American Bar Association; no relation, it seems. And I'm not sure what their motto is, but the ABA's is: "Defending Liberty. Pursuing Justice."

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Shelley said...

With the economy collapsed, could there be any better time for some resurrected version of a real Antitrust Magazine?

But then it would probably be bought up by a media corporation....