Thursday, January 6, 2011

That This

Story tellers in the expanding middle class eager for professional careers move across sites of struggle in "battleground" fields. We are our soul but we haven't yet got the dead of it. You steal on me you step in close to easy with soft promise your limit and absolute absence.

-- Susan Howe, That This


A quick post to say that I'm reading Howe's wrenching and beautiful new book, That This, which responds to the sudden death of her husband and friend, Peter. The book features six "photograms" (as above) by James Welling, I think it will be inevitably, but perhaps profitably, juxtaposed with Anne Carson's sorrowful Nox (also, as it happens, published by New Directions).


I can't remember if there was snow on the ground but I do remember the cold. If winter landscape meets the being of the subject of the soul now and before, and conveys what is yours to join the finished pastoral invention of others that is rationalism's secret.


Steven Fama said...

Hi don,

Presumably you have some sort of pre-publication copy?

I see it not on New Directions' website (have I missed it?) and Amazon says it isn't available until January 10th...

Where'd you buy it? Or get it?

Thanks, and happy new year?

Don Share said...

Yes, I'm lucky to have been sent an advance copy, which lists the pub date as being 12/29/10.

If anyone cares, I just purchased, among other things, the new ed. of Bern Porter's Found Poems, Bill Knott's latest Lulu book, everything I can find by Paul Hannigan, and pre-ordered the new editions of "A" and Zuk's shorter poems, all of which I hope to say things about.

Happy new year to you, Steven - your round-up of 2010 was, as Ron Silliman says, the best one of all.

Steven Fama said...

Thanks much Don. We had the same favorite or best book of 2010, and I know others did too!

I'm curious about the new edition of "A" -- whether it offers anything to us lucky enough to have the "old" UC Press edition (1978 originally, paperback in 1988).

I'm also jazzed, even rock 'n rollin', that New Directions has apparently decided the re-issue of Spring and All will not be done in that rather ugly style they've been using for some re-issues lately, but as a full-on facsimile of the 1923 original edition.

Add in the new Michael Palmer and New Directions has a heck of a first six months here in 2011, for poetry readers.

Don Share said...

How could I have forgotten Spring and All!! Yes, that's really exciting...

Steven Fama said...

Update on Howe's new book -- as of today (January 9) has updated its page on the book, listing its release date as February 11th.

The Spring and All (Facsimile Edition) has an April 29th release date listed....