Monday, January 24, 2011

Was Emily Dickinson a cut-up? Another installment of Make It New, Already!

Yes! Dickinson attached the above illustration, with another cut from page 359 of the book, to a poem she sent her sister-in-law Susan around 1859. As my wonderful former colleagues at the Houghton note -

"Interestingly, the book bears the ownership inscription of the poet’s father, Edward Dickinson; if the dating of the poem is correct, his daughter felt free to cut snippets from his books while he was around to discover her biblio-vandalism. Or perhaps the poet knew he wouldn’t be reading a novel?"

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Shelley said...

As I said over at the link, my work and hers are poles apart as far as length goes, but for those interested in this "arty" aspect of Dickinson, you can read about it in Christopher Benfey's book A Summer of Hummingbirds, which I recently discovered.