Thursday, February 24, 2011

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When a civilization is vivid it preserves and fosters all sorts of artists - painters, poets, sculptors, musicians, architects. When a civilization is dull and anemic it preserves a rabble of priests, sterile instructors, and repeaters of things second-hand. If literature is to reappear in America it must come not through, but in spite of, the present commercial system of publication.

-- Ezra Pound, in Poetry magazine, 1915


Gary B. Fitzgerald said...


But good luck. At one time publishers would seek out the outliers, the potential new 'stars'. These days it seems that every effort is made to further deny and suppress them.

Unfortunately, being unable to see into the future, Mr. Pound overlooked one thing in his equation: money.

Michael Schiavo said...

Right. Pound never wrote about money.

Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

Okay, but,

many things have changed over the last one hundred years, especially poetry and capitalism.