Thursday, February 10, 2011

On our culture of demarcation

when i was a teen in croatia, one year in the 90s i was told i belonged to a tribe that was fighting another tribe, whom i had hitherto considered to be my people. i was told that we were divided by certain linguistic differences in our common language, our alphabets, and sometimes our religion. they, i was told, wanted to kill me, and i was supposed to want to kill them. now that i am in america, tony hoagland points out that i am to belong to another tribe, this one based on the color of my skin. dear men-who-would-have-me-belong-to-tribes: sorry, i don't want to take part. carrying the last name of my father and grandfather is the only concession i will make to your culture of demarcation. i look forward to turning into a different form of energy and floating all over your borders and into your pores. sincerely,

- Ana Božičević, 10 February 2011

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