Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The week in culture.

Sad about cat. Got a too-short haircut. Read newish book about Milton, which struck everybody as uncool and out-of-touch, go figure. But also finished Bernstein's fun new collection of essays; and we have a piece in the pipeline from Susan Howe, so there. Went a week without a cheese sandwich. Suffered few ill-effects from not having been able to attend AWP, though wish I'd have been there for my panel. Noticed post-AWP increase in invective. Also noticed lack of pub credit for POETRY in Rae's new book, hm. Reading Ada Limón's new book, nice!!! What *won't* people say about Elizabeth Bishop! I can imagine her demurrals by the dozen... Roberto Bolaño is the new Joyce Carol Oates, and he's not even alive anymore. And of course: VIDA!!!!


A new LRB; a great week for letters:

Wasn’t it Jarry, mentioned by Iain Sinclair, who used a revolver instead of a bicycle bell? And didn’t he reassure a pregnant woman who complained that he had so startled her that she might lose her baby: ‘In that eventuality, madame, I shall make you another’?

David Maclagan
Holmfirth, West Yorkshire



Some are of the opinion that the trouser clip is very middle class, any working man cycling to work just sticking his turn-ups into his socks, or if wearing overalls being unworried by oil. Should a Marxist academic renounce that bourgeois badge of shame the trouser clip by sticking his trousers into his socks?

Stephen Kay
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

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