Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wishbone - Black Sparrow Books

Click the pic or this link for more about Wishbone, from Black Sparrow Books


Anonymous said...

Dear Squire,

She would inquire
Is your Wishbone
Ready, forged
and fired
Cooling on an Open
Book shelf?

Lady Bustelo

Don Share said...

Lady Bustelo,
a hearty "hello!"
Wishbone is baking,
ready for the taking
in December;
please remember!
Thank you for taking a look
at the cover of my book!

Don Share said...

Oh, and folks can click on the pic or clink on the link for more info about the book from the publisher.

Lady B said...

Dear Squire,

For she did inquire:

Dear Proprietors,
for it is now December
and the shelf laid bare,
what has become of Wishbone
if it not be here?

With a rang, he sang,
and politely exchanged:

The Sparrow chirps and keys
in response to your inquiry:
It is now April.