Thursday, November 24, 2011

H.D., filmmaker

How 'bout a movie for the holidays?

Did you know that H.D. was an avant-garde filmmaker?  She was part of the POOL Group, and also helped start an early journal devoted to film called Close Up, both with her lover Kenneth Macpherson; you can read about her involvement in the group here.

Perhaps the most intriguing film she worked on was the full-length film Borderline (1930), which featured Paul Robeson and Bryher; it explored matters of race and sexuality, employing then-revolutionary techniques like Russian-style montage.  Below is an example of a POOL film, "Monkey's Moon."


Wingbeat, Foothills, and the complete film Borderline may be viewed at the Museum of Modern Art Film Study Center in New York; it's also available on DVD from the British Film Institute.

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