Monday, May 7, 2012

On Coming to Fruition

Petrarchan sonnets are better than Shakespearean....There is a treachery inherent in making the whole organic point of a poem come to fruition in an ending couplet. It's silly, like two Jack Russells mating.

-- Geoffrey Hill, May 2012

Pictured: Jack Russell Terrier exiting a hole


mongibeddu said...

This is delicious in so many ways. Of course there's no fucking at the end for Petrarch, and of course the whole elegant scheme disguises animal pleasure for Shakespeare. But to bring it all back to a breed, and a hunting breed at that, puts us squarely in the universe of Hill. Or perhaps I should say at Hill's banquet, so as not to mix metaphors.

Where's it from?

Ben F.

Diann Blakely said...

Wonderful! As was this, of course:

Mark McGuinness said...

By 'better' I guess he means 'easier for those of us who aren't Shakespeare'.