Monday, September 17, 2012

How to Dress Like a Poet: 5 steps - wikiHow

Decide which end of the "poet spectrum" you want to lean towards. You could be a thoughtful, melancholy poet, or you could be a showy, dramatic poet.

If you want to look thoughtful and melancholy: Wear lots of black. Black pants with a black shirt would be a good idea. Something fun to wear to a poetry reading or cafe is a beret. For shoes, boots or ballet flats would be nice. Don't go overboard on makeup and jewelry.

If you want to look showy and dramatic; Wear flowy tunics and dresses. High heels would be nice for poetry readings. (Maybe ones that lace up your leg....)Look in your closet and choose something you think is best described by the word DRAMATIC. For colder months, lace gloves add a dramatic touch. For your jewelry, choose something big. Bright colors are a great way to come across as "showy".

Wear an outfit that matches the theme or mood of your poem. For instance, if your poem is about autumn, wear red, bronze, or brown clothes with leaf motifs.

Don't go overboard. Looking like a poet is fun once and a while, but if you dress that way too often you could end up with a bad reputation. Just be yourself.


Type "poet" into your search bar and take inspiration from what you find.

Ask a friend to read some of your work and describe it in one word. After that, look at your closet and figure out what pieces that word best describes.

 - by "How to Dress Like a Poet," at WikiHow

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