Friday, October 26, 2012

Don't worry a whisker...

I want to say this with unambiguous clarity for once. The general idea that art must always be new, innovative, experimentalist, is every single bit as misguided, suffocating and REACTIONARY as the idea that art must always remain fixed, changeless, the same, regurgitating the familiar. The big difference between these two lifeless falsehoods is that hardly anyone holds to the latter, while a lot of thinkers and academics today adhere to the former. For what it's worth, I tell you: don't worry a whisker about "making it new," just as you wouldn't lose any sleep over "keeping it old."

-- Philip Nikolayev

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Joel Brouwer said...

OK, I just have to say how weird this was that I came across this in my feed as I was listening to Neu! for probably the first time in a year. That is all; hope you're well. jb