Thursday, November 29, 2012

Too many poets, deja vu!

Earlier this year, Marjorie Perloff asked, "What happens to poetry when everybody is a poet?" - and cited Jed Rasula.   And there was another very different screed on the subject, which I discussed in my earlier blogpost, "Too many poets don't spoil the soup (or do they?)."

Is there a glut of discussions of the glut?

You may now, at any rate, read Rasula again on the subject, in an exchange with Mike Chasar in the Boston Review called, "Glut Reactions:The Demographics of American Poetry."

It is a long exchange, but if you scroll waaay down, you'll see a comment by Bill Knott, in which he replies, "I can think of lots of occupations there are too many of," but draws the line at poets, asking:

Are all these PoBiz authorities who complain about too many poets, aren't these decrying criticrats in essence advocating genocide against poets?

 I'm sure there's more discussion to come; 'tis the season of plenty!

Pictured: The preparation of a cornucopia.

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